Eaglewings Modules

(This page last modified 4/24/2022)

Ingram Items 38-50

About: This page shows James Ingram’s Items 38-50 that originally were to be part of the April 2022 ABTO (Arizona Big Train Operators auction (they were later removed before the auction).

This includes an Eagle Wings module system (Item 50) — see the 2nd and 4th images.

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Image 1 – showing modules

Image 2 – Items that were to be in the April 2022 auction

Reference Info

Image 3 – Layout of Modules

Image 4 – Screen capture from video

Year 2015 VIDEO of the modules operating, is at vimeo.com/129323147

Image 5 – Layout configuration when video was recorded

Bill Nagel Bridges & Layout Photos

You can see PHOTOS taken 2011 of the late Bill Nagel’s layout here: https://get.google.com/albumarchive/104567418148493390054/album/AF1QipOvb2Lg9UqdiYYUVW5wGFdqAfERSVltuDfU4Anv

This layout incorporated the bridges you see in the following Image 6. I believe Bill was the original purchaser of these bridges, and I later purchased them from Bill, and you see some of them in the above Image 5 (my layout) and in the video shown in Image 4.

Image 6 – Modified drawing, showing BRIDGES that came from the late Bill Nagel’s layout